Learn how To Make Easiest Money With SpotifyWhale!

Before you purchase another ebook, or pay some crazy amount of fees to learn how to make money with Spotify, STOP. Earning with Spotify with streaming tools like SpotifyWhale is extremely straightforward, there’s no complex concept, it’s so easy even kids can do it!

So before we start, you probably want to know if it’s worth doing this, and you’ll have to answer that yourself. Does setting up everything for few hours and just let the software run for 24/7 for a month and earning up to $1,000~10,000+ worth your time? If it’s yes, then keep reading.

For the smart one, TL;DR – You earn money from Spotify payout from the total streams you have on your artist account on Spotify, and SpotifyWhale is the streaming tool that help you to create Spotify account and use them to stream your song.

What Are The Requirements to Get Started?

  • SpotifyWhale for streaming songs on your Spotify artist – BUY HERE
  • Windows RDP / VPS / Dedicated Server – Better Spec = Faster Streams
  • Proxies for Spotify account creation [SpotifyWhale automatically create account for you, but you will need proxies.]
  • Your artist with songs on Spotify ready for streaming

1. Register an account with music distributor and setup your artist profile on spotify

You can’t setup an artist profile and upload song directly on Spotify, instead you will need to use a music distribution company to help you do that. (Yeah, that’s just how modern music industry work.) Most beginner use Distrokid.com as their first music distributor. There’s so many different music distributor and you can use any for your preference.

You can find even more by just Googling “Spotify music distribution service”, there’s no best one, but if you’re beginner just stick with Distrokid, in later section we’ll discuss why you should eventually have an account on each of them.

Once you register your music distributor account, just buy some cheap songs like $2~5 each, then create your artist account and upload 5~10 song as an album, and once the song is approved and able to be found on Spotify you can move to next step.

2. Start Streaming by Setting Up Your RDP and SpotifyWhale

First made sure you have purchase your software license for SpotifyWhale at our store (Click Here). Then you’ll need to get a Windows RDP / Server where you’ll run SpotifyWhale software for 24/7, we don’t recommend your personal computer as you will need to run it 24/7 without interruption for maximum efficiency. 

If you’re struggling to find a good RDP consider taking a look at our Ultimate RDP Guide, for a cheap price it will save you a lot of cost in long run.

Now once you have your RDP ready just follow our SpotifyWhale documentation to setup your software, you’ll also need to purchase proxies for account generation (you can ask for recommendation in our discord chat room / telegram chat room).

Start running your bot and start making money! Sounds too simple? Because it’s that simple!

BONUS: Strategy to make more than $10,000+

You’ve probably heard some case when Spotify ban some artist, well that’s pretty normal thing to us, there’s really no special method to avoid getting ban 100%, and most of the “tips” that you heard are just rumors, because truth is no one know how Spotify decide how to ban or not to ban a person.

But does that mean it’s not worth doing this? Absolutely no! Think about this as an investment with low risk but high payout (The chance of getting ban is very minimal, and the cost to do this is so low the ROI can easily be 1000%+)

So the best solution here is? Diversification! That’s right, all you need to do is setup as many artist as possible, having artists on multiple music distributors, we’ve seen user with more than 100+ artists, and even if 10% of those getting banned, the rest of the artist will still bring back 900%+ ROI.