Learn how To Make Easiest Money With TwitchWhale!

TL;DR: Basically you’ll need to have a twitch affiliate account that let you to monetize via showing ads. Then you’ll run TwitchWhale to watch your pre-roll ads and ad break 24/7, you can run as many instances as your license allow to.

What Are The Requirements to Get Started?

  • TwitchWhale Subscription – BUY HERE
  • Windows RDP / VPS / Dedicated Server – Better Spec = Faster Streams
  • Proxies for watching [You can also use the built in Tor proxies]
  • Twitch affiliate account ready to streams and show ads

1. Setup Twitch Ads and start streaming

First you need to enable pre-roll ads as well as setup automated ad break, the max frequency you can set would be one ad break per 8 minute. You can use below tools to help you automatically run ad break every X minute you defined. Automate Ad Break Tools:

Then you will find some old game competition footage and use obs to stream it 24/7, this is not tutorial for setting those up, just watch youtube video or Google it.

2. Setup twitchWhale and start watching ads on your twitch channel

TwitchWhale is a simple and straightforward bot, every setting on the software interface is pretty much self explanatory, all you need is input your channel url / channel name, load proxies into it, set your streams watch length, then let it run.

It’s no secret cheap and public proxies will not work for twitch as they will filtered all proxies that have been abused by botters, so make sure you use quality proxies or try a few one that are not filtered by Twitch, as of this moment of writing the built in Tor proxies are still working though (13 Sept 2020).

BONUS: Diversify Risk & Scale More Accounts To Make More!

If you wanted to make even more money instead of running more bot instances and watching the same channel we suggest to setup / buy more twitch affiliate account, so by doing that you will able to diversify the risk even if one account are banned you still have other account’s payout.